Below and Beyond Kyvid

Session One: Introductions

For the past fifty years, the borders of the Atlos Desert have continued to creep forward. Nobody has discovered the source of this expansion, but this is not the first time this has happened. The Atlos Desert was not always a desert, but thousand of years ago it was a fertile land desired by many. Why the land is now desert has been the topic of many debates, but archeological digs have revealed more then one ancient city that was thought to be a myth beneath its surface.

Whispers of the locals speak of a great oracle that has walked the desert of centuries. This oracle is said to have unparalleled knowledge which she is willing to share; if you find her. You now seek her in hopes of finding answers, but as the stars’ guidance brings you to her doorstep you find nothing. Were the stars wrong? Did you misread them? You have a unnerving feeling that everything is about to change drastically….



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