Below and Beyond Kyvid

Session Fourteen: In The Mouth of Madness

The strange ritual of the Kuo-Toa caused two of the party members to fall into catatonic states. The remaining three fought their way through the ritual room and through the one-way portal. It was through this gateway, the party discovered the Ziggurat sitting amid the waters, but that is not all they found. A familiar face of Ivo Quartermaine left the party with new knowledge, a restoration of strength, and some new questions regarding his origins.


Will Hammerhands snap out of the catatonia in time for next week’s adventure!? I’ll be sure to tune in next week to find out!


Keothi’ll heal you good. Also I will be there.


Therys and his mighty spears will be present.


Dow will bring her mighty spells. Just don’t expect her to go toe-to-toe with anyone! That sort of thing is for smelly brutes…


health = good. see you all there :) I’ll…uh…smash stuff.


That’s so Skallagrim!


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