Below and Beyond Kyvid

Session Seven: Erelhei-Cinlu

The players have traversed into the depths of the underdark and now stand along the edge of a massive cavern which hosts the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu. Before they can arrive at the gates, the players must decide what to do with the drow slavers before them.

Side Note: I am making a bit of a change to the way the magic loot system works. You may switch some magic items around if you want to compensate for the changes before the game begins. Instead of items giving the static enhancement bonuses, the players will naturally develop these abilities themselves. This will make magical treasure a bit more rare and exotic, but at the same time give the players the static bonuses they need for advancement. Gold earnings will also increase a bit, as the party will find more non-magical treasure of value.

At level 11, 12, and 13 the static bonus of an item/items will increase. For example, if you have a +2 magic sword and you hit level 11, you can change it to a +3 magic sword. The player can choose which item/s to give the bonus to and the categories are as follows: 1) Main weapon/implement and a secondary weapon/implement 2) Armor 3) Neck Item

If you wish to change any of the prior listed items to one of +2 quality then you may do so. If you wish to change a current items into a specialized type, for example a +2 magic longsword to a +2 bloodclaw longsword, then you may do so. This rule does not allow for changing +3 items unless you make it a +2 item or if you wish to make it your item that will level up for level 11.


I should be there. The change to the magic item system works for me (makes sense for Hammerhands anyway). Will this also affect what we might be able to buy, or mostly just found loot?

Session Seven: Erelhei-Cinlu

The system basically assumes that the concept of “magic items for sale” doesn’t exist. If it does, it is quite rare. At least, that’s what my impression of it is. This pulls the attention away from loot-hoarding and towards story, which I love. Gold becomes more useful for buying potions, adventuring gear, bribing your way past guards, and the like.

Session Seven: Erelhei-Cinlu

I’ll definitely be there tonight, and can pick up some food on the way, if no one else had planned to do so.

Session Seven: Erelhei-Cinlu

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