Below and Beyond Kyvid

Session Twenty Two: The Last Bastion of Hope


Both and in their various incarnations plan on being there.


That would be Moss from The IT Crowd, as depicted by Richard Ayoade, after whom Neil’s voice and many of his mannerisms were modeled.


Speaking of which, season 4 is out.


Awesome, I love IT Crowd. Have to track down season 4. If you like that show, you may also like The Mighty Boosh, as it has some of the same actors, and wild British humor.


Anti-Dow will be there. (Returning to her EVIL beginnings…)


Not just evil, Chaotic Evil!


Oh, and I’ll definitely be there…still…again…something.


A fitting end to our heroes’ adventure!

I’d be interested in continuing to explore Kyvid, and would welcome either a heroic level “Rebuilding Kyvid” campaign or an epic level “Hunting the Lord of Entropy” run (possibly a shorter 2-month or so series)...after Traveller and perhaps some Dark Sun, of course.


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