Always optimistic, this Gentle Giant is a cleric of Pelor who always sees the good in those he meets. He is a goliath who refuses to kill.


Keothi comes from a small human settlement called Abram. He was found in the woods, apparently abandoned by his parents. It was Father Koram, a young priest in Abram, who took pity on this giant of an infant and raised Keothi as his own son, teaching him the ways of St. Abram’s, a church of Pelor. Some in the town accepted Keothi, while some hated his presence. While giants and goliaths had not been seen in the area for a few generations, there were those who still remembered the violent killers from the mountains to the north.

Keothi knew that despite his efforts to help the community, many still hated him simply because he was a goliath. So, on his 25th birthday, Keothi said farewell to Father Koram and to those whom he considered family, and headed out into the world.

As he traveled, he relied on the kindness of strangers to get by. Often, they would not trust him because of his large size, and so he would have to sleep with the animals in a barn or a stable.

In a few towns, Keothi was called upon as a priest of Pelor to pray over the sick and the dying. Many times, he was able to use what Father Koram had taught him to heal those he prayed over. Because of this, in certain areas one might hear local legends of the “Holy Prophet” come to remove all affliction from the world, some even creating small temples to worship him.

Keothi, however, never venerates himself. He always simply points others to the holy texts of Pelor, and speaks of His Holy Light, and of peace.


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