Dow Indoost

Drow Sorcerer


AC 22, Fort 18, Ref 22, Will 25 Init +10, Str 9, Con 12, Dex 20, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 22 Acrobatics 17, Arcana 11, Bluff 16, Insight 11, Intimidate 13, Nature 11, Perception 11, Thievery 15 HP 84, surges 8


Dow Indoost’s drow parents were a well-known noble and arcanist in the underdark close to the desert. Her mother was sent on a special mission to the natural world to perform a service for a priestess of Lolth. While there she birthed Dow under very unusual circumstances. She was born on the slopes of a mountain during an eclipse, and strange prophesies were made about her becoming involved with humans.

Little was made of these strange prophesies as Dow was personally trained by a high level sorcerer and learned the ways of drow power. As drow politics raged back and forth, Dow was frequently sent to deal with humans and other races to try and increase her family’s wealth and power. Eventually, these deals got her family in trouble, and a political alliance massacred most of her family. Dow escaped along with her few remaining family members, because of her knowledge of secret ways to meet with humans, into the human world.

Dow retained much of her wealth, secreted in various places around the world. She met the entertainment group of which Geoffrey C was a member, and volunteered her services to them as resident sorcerer. She became one of the secret enslavers run by the evil backers of the group. But unfortunately for her, she joined Geoffrey in an informal relationship, and his good nature made her doubt her natural evil tendencies. When Geoffrey convinced her to go on a cruise with him, she met the great cleric Keothi. His unstinting goodness convinced her to deny her evil ways and work to undo her evil deeds.

She has information which will help Geoffrey C to defeat the evil backers of his former entertainment group and help to undo the evil enslavement she helped to support. She is searching to find the seer only because she knows if she finds the seer, she will find Geoffrey.

Dow Indoost

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