Below and Beyond Kyvid

Session Twenty Two: The Last Bastion of Hope
Session Twenty One: Deep Into The Forest

The party arrives in Gelsela and discovers a band of Jackalweres led by Skallagrim’s father, Kveldulfr, that been feeding off the people and pretending to be their protectors. In a random bit of luck, the party discovered the Jackalweres through Skallagrim’s hatred of his father. After the fight, the party move deeper into the forest with the hope of finding the elder’s of the village still alive.

Session Twenty: Upstream

The PCs stopped the ritual being cast to continually melt the ice deep within the lake and saved four crystals of elemental ice. A hag from the feywild escaped the battle cursing the party, but promising that they will fail in their efforts. With the assistance of the guards, the party had proven that they saved the dwarven city and were rewarded.

So which way does the party seek to go? To Abram? To Gelsela? (let me know what each of you think)

Also the PCs are now level 14.

Session Nineteen: The Icy Cavern

The party arrived at Shipard just in time for the chunks of ice to start crashing into the baseboards of the city. Once melted, the ice formed into water archons that attacked the city. The rumors around the city speak of an ancient evil that lays at the bottom of the lake in a icy prison.

The party found a large icy cavern in the depths of the water while searching for the means to stop this ancient beast from freeing itself.

Session Eighteen: Shipard

Dol’sara has rejoined the party and they set off to the dwarven merchant town of Shipard. Upon arriving on the floating town, the PCs weapons were taken from them due to the heavy handed laws of the dwarven merchant lords.

Session Seventeen: Jakita to Abram

Upon completion of the final scenario, the party found themselves within a new chamber. Eight orbs of various colors had been placed within a room with a large closed metal door. The party discovered that each blue orb that had been successfully cleared allowed the party to watch the true event unfold, while the black orbs that included events the party failed were unusable.

Three of the orbs had been successfully done by the drow group. The last clear orb awaited completion by the drow. The party discovered that these orbs were predictions of the future touching upon various parts of the world.

- The townsfolk of Abram were starving and dying when a merchant visits the town and speads disease and undeath among the people.
- The lost city of Bael Turath rises out of the sands of the desert along with a horde of undead who attack the Dwarven nomads.
- The village of Gelsela suffers from a plague of twisted beasts who scare away local game and attack those traveling to and from the area
-The drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu is under seige from a large force of drow and human thralls being controlled by a large force of aboleths

The party also discovered that the necrotic being in the “scrying visions” was a creature known as the Lord of Entropy. But before they could talk more, the drow completed the last task. After a diplomatic encounter with the drow party, Keothi was able to successfully complete the ritual to remove the ziggurat. Fortunately for the group, the drow priestess didn’t survive the aftermath of the event. On her, were a few magic items, but perhaps more important was a key bearing the symbol of House Indoost. With the clever use of their new discs of teleportation and phantom steeds, the party made their way into the Indoost Vaults. Within them, they discovered a hidden treasure trove as well as one of their libraries that was well concealed.

The library revealed that the Lord of Entropy is said to have been born when all creation ceases to exist and he moves backwards in time, triggering key events to bring this future about. In addition, the library journals spoke of a large city of aboleths deeper in the underdark. These creatures remained a great mystery even to the drow, but several theories based on their actions were proposed by them.

Finally, the players activated yet another disc and left one behind in the library. They discovered that the disc put them just outside the walls of the city of Jakita. The party discussed their plans and decided to head into the town then make way to Keothi’s home of Abram.

DM Notes:
- PCs are now level 13
- All Armor, Neck, or Weapons you have are now +3

Session Sixteen: Out of The Dark

The four trials have been completed by the party and they find themselves in a new room full of colored orbs. The party strides forward missing one member to complete the ritual to remove the ziggurat.

Session Fifteen: Possibilities

After two rooms within the ziggurat, the party had succeeded at one of the tasks presented to them and failed another. Two more await them.

DM Note: Give some thought on what your home. Think of a few distinct details that make your home unique and have a general idea of what the place is like, enough to describe it to the other players.

Session Fourteen: In The Mouth of Madness

The strange ritual of the Kuo-Toa caused two of the party members to fall into catatonic states. The remaining three fought their way through the ritual room and through the one-way portal. It was through this gateway, the party discovered the Ziggurat sitting amid the waters, but that is not all they found. A familiar face of Ivo Quartermaine left the party with new knowledge, a restoration of strength, and some new questions regarding his origins.

Session Thirteen: Dark Ziggurat

The Kuo-Toa guardians block the way to the Dark Ziggurat which the PCs have been asked to remove.


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