Below and Beyond Kyvid

Session One: Introductions

For the past fifty years, the borders of the Atlos Desert have continued to creep forward. Nobody has discovered the source of this expansion, but this is not the first time this has happened. The Atlos Desert was not always a desert, but thousand of years ago it was a fertile land desired by many. Why the land is now desert has been the topic of many debates, but archeological digs have revealed more then one ancient city that was thought to be a myth beneath its surface.

Whispers of the locals speak of a great oracle that has walked the desert of centuries. This oracle is said to have unparalleled knowledge which she is willing to share; if you find her. You now seek her in hopes of finding answers, but as the stars’ guidance brings you to her doorstep you find nothing. Were the stars wrong? Did you misread them? You have a unnerving feeling that everything is about to change drastically….

Session Two: Belly of The Beast

The characters cautiously entered the mouth of the massive sand worm and were soon accosted by creatures within the mouth. The plant entities absorbed all water and moisture from the worm’s meals, preventing it from being poisoned by the water. After dispatching the creatures, the party slid their way through a gizzard; one full of large boulders, a moving slime covered floor, and crushing walls. Here, within a biological slide, the party holds their breath as they descend into the next chamber.

Session Three: Below and Beyond the Sands

The adventurers crawled their way through the mucus infested sand worm only to get lost in a maze of intestines. Oozes poured through the skin lining in search of food, but the party cut their way through them. At last, the party managed to emerge from the worm to discover it had been cut in half and was pinned underground by rods of necrotic energy; slowly the heroes began to realize they weren’t in Atlos anymore. The path through the worm lead the party into an underground cavern with crudely scratched writings on the wall, often speaking of madness. The chamber beyond was a massive domed room in which the floor vanished into darkness. The path was only a walkway that encircled the chamber and held a massive glowing rod up on the middle platform. A rod that served as a arcane elevator of sorts that descend to depths that only gods would know about.

The bottom of the pit, was a metal chamber with many rooms, each bearing a strange symbol. Thus far the party has discovered two machines of metal and magic, one working, one broke. The room which was once a living quarters was the next to be opened. When Keothi opened the door, long armed aberrations hurled forward followed by tentacled human like creatures. After a long battle, the party stood victorious and found a couple items of interest. A gem which appeared to be a missing piece to the broken down machine and a peculiar black object.

Please have prepared: Finish your location of hidden knowledge and bring your level 11 character sheet to the game.

Session Four: Piecing It All Together

Room by room the party gathers find more pieces of the puzzle, but few answers have been provided as the distortion of unreality seeps into the area.

Session Five: The Hunt Begins

With the beast from the Far Realm vanquished the heroes find themselves alone in the dark chambers of a strange dungeon.

Session Six: Playing in the Dark

After hearing the angel Azel’s words, the party understood the truth. The goddess Ioun had been searching the sands to discover the source of the madness seeping into our world, but to the horror of all she was dragged into the Far Realm by a godlike entity.

The PCs now knowing that the very fabric of reality could be torn asunder, seek to find answers as to what entity of the Far Realm could assault and win against a deity. Their first stop, Spring Well.

While inquiring the townsfolk, the players discover the cities has many tunnels underneath it into the underdark. Geoffrey speaks of an old drow friend of his whose old family holdings could hold answers, since the influence of the Far Realm is said to be strongest at the core. After locating his old friend, the party has set out into the underdark.

Session Seven: Erelhei-Cinlu

The players have traversed into the depths of the underdark and now stand along the edge of a massive cavern which hosts the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu. Before they can arrive at the gates, the players must decide what to do with the drow slavers before them.

Side Note: I am making a bit of a change to the way the magic loot system works. You may switch some magic items around if you want to compensate for the changes before the game begins. Instead of items giving the static enhancement bonuses, the players will naturally develop these abilities themselves. This will make magical treasure a bit more rare and exotic, but at the same time give the players the static bonuses they need for advancement. Gold earnings will also increase a bit, as the party will find more non-magical treasure of value.

At level 11, 12, and 13 the static bonus of an item/items will increase. For example, if you have a +2 magic sword and you hit level 11, you can change it to a +3 magic sword. The player can choose which item/s to give the bonus to and the categories are as follows: 1) Main weapon/implement and a secondary weapon/implement 2) Armor 3) Neck Item

If you wish to change any of the prior listed items to one of +2 quality then you may do so. If you wish to change a current items into a specialized type, for example a +2 magic longsword to a +2 bloodclaw longsword, then you may do so. This rule does not allow for changing +3 items unless you make it a +2 item or if you wish to make it your item that will level up for level 11.

Session Eight: City of the Drow
Session Nine: Keothi's Death

I’m adding a section under legendary locations for Erelhei-Cinlu.

Session Ten: Search For The Key

Scrag hired the PCs to clear out the catacombs of undead for House Shiquos. Now, deep in the catacombs, another companion lies dead on the floor, and Scrag peers into the watery depths of the opening in the floor. What adventure awaits them deep Below Kyvid?


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