Atlos Desert


The Atlos Desert is home to creatures and people of many kinds. Tribes of dwarven craftsmen, the glassblowers and glazebenders, make the desert their home. They know the secrets of the sand, and how to survive in the harsh conditions. They are a kind people, and one of their own has made a name for himself in the world: “Hammerhands” Glazebender is a great adventurer who brings honor to his tribe.

Orcish pirates also travel through the desert, taking what they wish from whomever they run into. They are to be avoided at all costs.

There are also many natural dangers in the desert. Sand dolphins are particularly nasty and cunning, being highly intelligent and tactical. They “swim” through the sand, barely visible but for the ridged dorsal fin occasionally poking above the surface. Sand dolphins survive mostly on small animals and are the only known creature able to digest the venom of the red scorpions which inhabit some parts of the desert. Sand dolphins are immune to most poisons, in fact, though the reasons for this are unknown, as no one has been able to capture a sand dolphin to study it. Sand dolphins have been known to attack caravans, using their ridged dorsals as weapons to slice through carts full of trade goods and food, as well as to kill pack animals to prevent the people from running very far. A fast horse or camel could out run a dolphin if only lightly burdened. It is best to move quickly at the first sign of trouble.

Atlos Desert

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