Caelavan DeVakra



Caelavan comes from the small territory of Garrotta with a strong caste system based on race. Eladrin and Tieflings made up the oligarchical ruling class. Humans, being the most common race, made up a fairly well-off middle class along with Dragonborn, Elves, Halflings, and other common races. This middle class was made up of minor land-owners, artisans, merchants, and other occupations ranging from farmhand to General. Half-Elves were considered the lowest members of society due to the fact that they represented the abhorrent idea of transcending castes and racial intermingling. Because of this stigma, half-elves were always forced into the least desirable homes and jobs, often living no better than slaves.

About ten years ago, the kingdom was engulfed in a wide scale civil war in which the middle class races sought to topple the ruling families and seize power for themselves. Despite the clear contempt their allies held for them, the Half-Elves also opted to fight alongside the other common races. Caelavan, eager to join the fight and rise above his meager peasant life, joined the rebel cause. As the long war dragged on, Caelavan rose through the ranks, eventually earning the right to help organize the Half-Elves (who had previously been delegated to manual labor and other secondary roles) into their own branch of the military. Among this new Half-elf division, Caelavon lead a group known as the Iron Wolves which earned a reputation for guerrilla tactics and reckless, though highly successful assaults. Despite their success, both sides of the war showed open contempt for the Half-Elves and their leaders, openly calling Caelavon and his men “The Iron Bastards”, even to their faces.

When King Barlock and his forces expanded to the borders of the kingdom, both sides became wary. Weakened by years of open war, the once powerful kingdom posed little threat to an outside invasion. Furthermore, realizing that victory for the old regime or the Human (et al) regime that sought to replace it meant little or no change for their people, the Half-elves instead opted to aid King Barlock in his expansive campaign. Caelavan “The Bastard” DeVakra earned many commendations fighting against both sides and, using his using their formidable knowledge of the land and its people, was able to help Utaro easily conquer the nation.

Seeing Barlock as a liberator of their people, Caelavan and his Iron Wolves continue to fight loyally on behalf of Utaro in foreign campaigns of expansion. Although Barlock’s rule is significantly less oppressive to the Half-Elf people, it is no secret that Caelavan is one of the most vocal proponents of establishing a Half-Elven homeland, be it a kingdom or a province. While his loyalty to Barlock appears strong, Caelavan’s first loyalty is to the Half-Elven people.

Item of personal importance: The Black Star
The Black Star is a military decoration of great distinction in Garrota, typically awarded only to the highest ranking leaders. While not official, it is commonly thought that the bearer of the star is next in line to command Garrota’s military. While Cael did not earn this, his friend and fellow half-elf soldier, Commander Silvus Sunhallow, earned and wore it until his death. The star was entrusted to Cael after Silvus’ death and he keeps it hidden in Olson until the time is right for someone new to wear it. Cael believes that the honor and authority it represents is key to uniting the Half-elf people and breaking the chains that bind them.

NPCs of note: Silvus Sunhallow and Oryn Belkov
Silvus Sunhallow was the would-be leader of the half-elf people of Garrota, a noble and respectable warrior whom Caelavan tried to model himself after. Silvus was killed during an ambush in the last weeks of the civil war in Garrota.

Caelavan DeVakra

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