Gatekeepers of Corellon

To serve Corellon is to serve enchantment-both the magic of beauty and the beauty of magic. This god of renewal, asks his followers to seek, restore, and rebuild wherever destruction has wrought sorrow.

The Gatekeepers of Corellon consist of a wide variety of individuals consisting of all walks of magic. Powerful and showy displays of magic have drawn in the arcane users, such as wizards and swordmages to serve under Corellon. In much the same way, Corellon shares his power to those who worship his name and many divine followers are amongst the Gatekeepers. The god’s nature affinity of beauty and his direct connection in planting many of the ancient forests of the world draw followers who practice primal magic, such as druids and shamans.

Each of these separate branches serve the Corellon in their own fashion, but every faction within the Gatekeepers is dedicated to maintaining several gates to the horrifying and unnatural realms beyond. Behind each gate lie untold hordes that wish to destroy the beauty which Corellon has planted within the mortal realm.

Once every ten years and in the rare occasion of an emergency, the council of Gatekeepers convenes. The council members alone hold the secrets to unlocking the gate to their meeting chamber, thus preventing any outside interference. The meeting begins by paying homage to Corellon in displays of magic, each faction attempting to prove that their magic is superior to the others. The arcane users shake the foundations of the space with their light show of magic, while the clerics display the healing powers of Corellon by healing hideous wounds and restoring their natural beauty. The primal powers envelope the room with the elegance of nature by transforming the space from nothingness into a lush forest right before the others’ eyes. Only then, does the true nature of the meeting begin with each member reporting on the happenings of the world and their gate. Many old arguments erupt as tempers rise over the methods employed and the restrictions placed, but the peacekeepers quell tensions between members. Slowly, the proceedings are completed and the members thankfully leave this place to return to their homes.

Between the sects, tensions run high due to infrequent communications and a difference in opinion as to how the organization is ran. The most common dispute at the present time is how to deal with the rising threat of the Arcanologist way of thinking and the rules dictating the secrecy of the Gatekeepers. The arcane users want to utilize their talents to infiltrate into the King’s ranks and rip them apart from within. Members of the divinity often claim that the arcane users are merely betraying them and using the idea of infiltration as a ploy to join the Arcanologist cause. In fact some members have done just that and have used their knowledge to help Barlock’s advisers hunt down the others. The divine believe the situation must be confronted head on, while the primal users feel that it is best to just lay low and let the situation blow over on its own accord.

Gatekeepers of Corellon

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