Grawr Raker


As the son of the chieftain of the Sekmet tribe, Young Grawr was blessed to be an Avenger of Sehanine. His father took great care to make this happen. The cub, Grawr, was trained in the ancient and secret killing arts of the Avenger. When the King’s troops came through the region to conquer it, the entire Tribe rallied against the invading forces. Since Grawr had been trained in the lethal arts of the avengers Of Sehanine, he had been asked to be a member of the tribes elite honor guard. Unfortunately they were not prepared for the assault of the King’s forces. Grawr’s survival instincts and unique skills allowed him to survive and escape into the surrounding forests. In the months that passed, Grawr had become a moonspeaker. He traveled from tribe to tribe teaching and warning of the fate that had befallen his tribe. After awhile, members of the ressistance approached Grawr with a plan. Infiltrate the enemy and destroy them from within. Grawr’s unique military background coupled with his great loss at the hands of the empire made him the perfect candidate for this assignment.

Quirk: Volatile Temper
Most of Grawr’s race are very primal, but Grawr is especially temperamental though he disguises it well. As the current king has destroyed his family and home village, Grawr is very raw about all that has happened and is close to exploding if his buttons actually get pushed. Only Caelavan has come close to making Grawr lose control as Caelavan has attempted to make Graawr reveal his true purpose in the party.

Item of personal importance: Warchief’s Signet Ring
The ring is the last remnant of the once great Sekmet Warchief of The Sekmet Village. It is by this ring alone that Grawr claims noble blood and claims any rights amongst the Razorclaw Shifters that know of the once great Sekmet Tribe. As a Moonspeaker, Grawr has passed from Shifter Tribe to Tribe to speak on behalf of Sehanine and the Shifter race as a whole.

Grawr Raker

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