Photobucket(Map of Western Kyvid)

Legends abound as to the origin of the name “Kyvid”. It seems that each village has its own version of the tale of the world’s christening. The stories are as varied and numerous as the people inhabiting Kyvid. One version claims it is merely a combination of words from Elder Common: “kyvviea”, meaning “ancient”, and “yyvidoh”, meaning “city” or “kingdom”. They say it refers to the name of the capital city in a long-since-crumbled empire. Other claim this world was named after the dead son of a god.

The players know little of what lies much further out from the colored areas and much of the land is untamed. The Utaro Empire is one of the first nations of this age to prosper and grow in the world of Kyvid. The relics of ancient nations have been discovered in many areas, but little information is known about them.

The Scarincien Gap is the new home of the Shadar-kai that were driven out of Utaro. The armies of Utaro have made multiple attempts to claim the area, but the landscape and natural fortifications allow the Shadar-kai to defend the area from forces many times larger then their own.

The Atlos Desert to the south of Utaro is a harsh environment which has been largely ignored by the people of Kyvid. In recent years the desert has begun to rapidly expand, consuming much of the areas close to the desert.


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