Peiter Comstock


Peiter grew up in Garrotta, raised by human parents. When he was old enough, his parents told him that he was essentially adopted, that his true parentage is unknown, and that he is indeed a half-elf. Determined not to let his fate be decided by his birth, as a young man he set out on his own, leaving a letter explaining to his parents why he must go. He left Garrotta, and a year or two after this, the civil war in Garrotta erupted.

Peiter traveled from town to town, either hunting for food or picking up a job in whatever town he came to. He is determined not to accept charity, and works for everything he gets. For a time, he enlisted in Barlock’s army. It just so happens Peiter was part of the force that took over Garrotta – the first time he had returned to his home in all those years. He left, then, and as he traveled he took other jobs – he was a city guard, a patrolman, for the city of Therund. He traveled to Ibynur for a while and worked for one of the logging companies there. When he grew tired of that he traveled to Trerea, and worked as a bodyguard and guide for those who wished to travel overland there.

One man, someone who never revealed his name or his purpose to Peiter, wished to travel all the way to the Mountains of Baion and beyond. It paid well enough that Peiter didn’t ask questions. He took the man all the way through the mountains, getting right to the edge of the map, then would go no further. the man, an elf who talked little, walked on into the unknown alone. Peiter took the money he had earned and made the perilous journey back, winding up in the town of Hinibi. After his months-long journey, he was glad to be back in civilization. While he is there, the town is attacked, and he is asked to help.

Connection to Caelavan DeVakra:
Peiter and Cael grew up in the same town of Olson, and were friends when they were but children. When Peiter left, it was a quiet affair, and did not make much of a stir. Peiter recognized Cael when he was celebrated as a military leader and Peiter was in the king’s army; they did not meet then, but Peiter was in awe of the great leader who was once his friend, as was everyone.

Items of personal importance: The letter which accompanied him as an infant when he was left on the doorstep. It has a unique symbol on it, perhaps a family crest, yet no one he has met recognizes it. someday he will find out the truth of his lineage.

Peiter Comstock

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