The High Seas

Player Characters:

Introduction (Story):

You’ve answered the call sent out by the man called Ossian Murdock. Mr. Murdock is the quartermaster of the local ship “La Bussola Rotta” and is he has been assigned with finding a new crew for an exploratory mission into the Namarnor Ocean. The ocean is said to be filled with many islands full of wonders and terrors to be discovered by you and your new shipmates.

NPCs Crew:

Ossian Murdock (NPC) – The quarter master of “la Bussola Rotta” who takes care of the day to day commanding of the ship. The man is a self proclaimed scholar and know-it-all.

Captain Flint (NPC) – The dwarven captain hates everyone and everything, especially water. The man is often found cursing out the shipmates or stomping around and muttering foul words under his breath. When push comes to shove though, captain Flint is more then a capable commander during a fight. Otherwise, he often leaves most of running of the ship to Ossian.

Gunner Alorino (NPC) – The half-elf Alorina hates to be called Al, which both Flint and Ossian call him. He is a bit of a Casanova character, but the one women he truly wants refuses all his advances, the boatswain Elisabeth Leblanc.

Elisabeth Leblanc (NPC) – Liz is a very beautiful young human, but is quite tom boyish. She hates to be called by anything except Liz and any crew members he call her otherwise will be taught a quick and ugly lesson. The woman is hard one, but she is fair and willing to do her part of the work.

The High Seas

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