Utaro Empire


The Utaro Empire is one of the few nations that exists in Kyvid.

The current year in the Utaro empire is 203 A.F. (after founding) which marks the launching point for both For The King and Below and Beyond Kyvid campaigns. The seasons of the empire are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, but the months are known by different names. A Utaroin’s week lasts ten days and a year lasts 400 days which allows for 100 days in each season.

Barlock II is the current King of the Utaro Empire. Barlock II is a fierce warrior and has spent his life expanding the borders of Utaro. He is often off on military campaigns and much of the day to day business of ruling the empire falls upon the shoulders of his council of advisers and his oldest son Adar. The empire has remand within the Utaro family since the founding of the empire. The Kings of the past are Barlock I the conqueror, Mathis II the wise, Thomas the bold, Maris the tyrant, Franx the foolish, and Mathis I who founded the empire over two centuries ago.

The current religious practice within the empire is arcanology due to the laws forbidding the worship of deities. Both the laws dictating worship habits and the newly founded Utaro territories have caused turmoil amongst the population; causing many organized rebel factions to crop up in the past five years.

Utaro Empire

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